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Inverted love by runawayreality Inverted love :iconrunawayreality:runawayreality 4 4
Open up your heart for me,
please lend me a free pass...
I promise we can have something,
someday all lovely will amass.
My heart is big, you'll discern:
even though I've bled out...
if you feed me with love,
I'll give it whole in return.
Yet somehow it never matters,
what subsequent is, or could be.
The simplest truth for me...
Every dream I have ever had scatters.
And that is all there is to it.
:iconrunawayreality:runawayreality 1 0
David Gilmour by runawayreality David Gilmour :iconrunawayreality:runawayreality 3 2 Tom by runawayreality Tom :iconrunawayreality:runawayreality 3 2 Hiding by runawayreality Hiding :iconrunawayreality:runawayreality 0 0 Transience by runawayreality Transience :iconrunawayreality:runawayreality 1 0
Let me feel
Scream at me for being a faliure!
Let me protect myself once more.
I hate being the only one,
who can't forgive herself.
Scream at me!
I want to be deaf.
Rip my soul apart
but in a different way.
Scream at me for being a failure!
Rip my soul apart!
For no longer can I convey honesty,
nor show how it feels to be scorned.
:iconrunawayreality:runawayreality 1 5
Angelina Jolie by runawayreality Angelina Jolie :iconrunawayreality:runawayreality 12 8 Paris - Le tour d'eiffel by runawayreality Paris - Le tour d'eiffel :iconrunawayreality:runawayreality 0 3 Roses by runawayreality Roses :iconrunawayreality:runawayreality 2 5 Funky girl by runawayreality Funky girl :iconrunawayreality:runawayreality 0 5
How does it feel now?
You're on your own.
It's so unreal.
I can't believe
you were taken away
by somebody else.
How could you let him take you?
We used to be free.
We used to be close. 
But now, now i see how we
can not breathe without choking.
But we can see without sight.
It's a paradox (connected, unknown)
what the hell is our problem? 
I don't really see it.
How does it feel now?
You're on your own.
It's so unreal.
I can't believe.
You will really regret that
and nobody else.
You'll never really break through
so manny mistakes
that you have just made.
We used to be so close. 
But we can't breathe without choking
What the hell is your problem? 
Now I see it.
You're being played,
like you asked to be.
:iconrunawayreality:runawayreality 2 3
Broken mask by runawayreality Broken mask :iconrunawayreality:runawayreality 0 12
Three sides of this story
There are two sides of every story.
Even a third one can be found!
When one loves someone but hates him too,
When one decides to beat the truth
The duel within him can't resolve.
"To beat" has to be replaced with "be"!
He has to decide which feeling is small.
The false one shan't stand as a choice.
Could one wear his heart on the sleeve?
Even if his being is hidden, with norms forbidden
Will he discover what is real? He asks
If that's why we quit when we are not told
How to avoid the trap set by Ma'at.
How can one take a closer look even when
The answers can't be seen!
Everything seems to be already clear?!
:iconrunawayreality:runawayreality 2 5
Home sweet home...
where is my home?
I see it is blury.
It is far away.
I'm wishing
for a place
to be safe.
So far away
from the past.
Even further away
from the present.
And future is nowhere.
Harangue echoes,
confuses me again.
I wish for his love.
Harangue echoes,
accuses me again.
I long for home.
Home sweet home...
where are my parents?
No one to hold on to
I feel alone.
I'm wishing
for a place
to be safe.
So far away
past the dream.
In an ilusion,
covered in bliss
but without fate.
Harangue echoes,
confuses me again.
I wish for his love.
Harangue echoes,
accuses me again.
I long for home.
Smash my heartshaped clock.
There is no coming back.
One can not stay untouched.
One can not avoid the fall.
:iconrunawayreality:runawayreality 1 5
Stepping back in time
when he first felt alive.
When he first saw the love
just in a sight...
She looked so lonely and he...
he felt so sorry for he...
he was so worried
that she ...
...she wasn't able to love.
She was just like a song.
Lost in her memories where
they all did what they please.
All the tears were ignored.
Lost inside without hope.
What they wanted;
they've got it...
They broke her heart
but that's no harm and
all the wishes they
all died too.
She was like
a buterfly.
Searching for
a beautiful light.
But all the beauty
crushed her sights.
What she desired
hurt her the most.
It left her
as she feared it would.
She wont belive
one anymore.
And now love came but
she won't know.
She thought that it is
one more huge show.
So she did what she thought
he wants...
continued this peculiar show.
She hurt herself again,once more.
:iconrunawayreality:runawayreality 3 0

Random Favourites

Grow Up
When I was young,
I knew a girl.
She was so warm and bright,
so I asked her that question
that all children must answer.
'What do you want to be
when you grow up?'
Her eyes lit up with joy
and she jumped with excitement.
'A dancer!
No, an astronaut!
Wait, President!
A scientist!
I'll be famous
and in movies!
My name
will be everywhere!'

She listed so many more
until she finally just smiled
and looked at me with eyes filled
with child-like wonder.
'I could be anything I wanted.'
Years and years later,
I saw the same girl again
but her eyes no longer
lit up with wonder.
I asked her,
'What did you end up being?'
She smiled the hollow smile
that adults have when talking to the young.
'Not what I wanted to be
when I was young.'

Nothing more was said on the matter
but I could see that there was no more wonder
in the eyes that once shone so brightly.
:iconoilux:Oilux 1,342 328
Downtown by logartis Downtown :iconlogartis:logartis 6,367 471 _everyday is a nightmare. by josefinejonssonphoto _everyday is a nightmare. :iconjosefinejonssonphoto:josefinejonssonphoto 757 86 _golden. by josefinejonssonphoto _golden. :iconjosefinejonssonphoto:josefinejonssonphoto 592 93 If I may and if I might by agnes-cecile If I may and if I might :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 2,456 104 Envy by Lokklyn Envy :iconlokklyn:Lokklyn 1,115 125
Picture perfect
How thin can you go?
Up for a challenge?
Painful and slow.
Waiting it out
Obsessed with forbidden
Skip one more meal
Keeping secrets hidden
Insomnia increases
Watching seconds tick
Saying you're not hungry
Denying you're sick
Grinding teeth
Vision wavering
Tastes long forgotten
You're still savoring
Standing outside
Feels so cold
Approaching blackness
Then legs fold
Hospital bed
Haven't awoken
Tearing eyes
Lives are broken
:iconxxlayla:xxLayla 599 151
Edward Elric by Mzag Edward Elric :iconmzag:Mzag 4,612 280 fma - Edward Elric by MathiaArkoniel fma - Edward Elric :iconmathiaarkoniel:MathiaArkoniel 2,930 232 balerina VI by SuzyTheButcher balerina VI :iconsuzythebutcher:SuzyTheButcher 1,697 90 Waterbend by Torremitsu Waterbend :icontorremitsu:Torremitsu 1,067 94 Fantasy leaps shirt entry by Anarchpeace Fantasy leaps shirt entry :iconanarchpeace:Anarchpeace 197 96 Rise of the Nuts XD by winnieshue Rise of the Nuts XD :iconwinnieshue:winnieshue 2 1
The Monstor On The Other Side
Have you ever wondered, if what everyone else sees,
Is actually the same person you see in the mirror?
Do you see the same gaunt face blurred, with empty eyes?
Can you see the lies the image tells any clearer?
Have you ever wanted, to just reach out to see if it’s real?
Or did you look through the mask, and hate what you saw?
Have you ever hurt so much, you wanted to die?
Or clawed at the lies, until your face was bloody and raw?
Have you ever thought, how far you would have to go,
Before anyone would even care to notice something’s wrong?
Have you ever hated everything that you ever were?
To the point you only survive by pretending to be strong?
:icononlyjustamemory:OnlyJustaMemory 3 4
Mature content
Emotionless :iconsexisob:sexiSOB 0 0
Already dead...
Lonely and hurt,
Broken I remain
Residing in hell,
living in pain
Masked by lies,
I slowly fade away;
The nightmare I live with,
each and every day
The meaning of it all,
to which my mind attends
Has not one answer
that I fully comprehend
The bottom of my mind
holds the answers which I call;
I keep reaching towards it
in this never-ending fall
"Stay strong and keep going,
it's never too late"...
No one seems to realize
that it's not worth the wait
There's no such thing
as help outside of your mind,
It's you against yourself,
with your demons intertwined
It's a battle, hard fought,
but never to be won...
Either way you end up losing
when it's all said and done
"Too late" came and passed
and, of me, nothing more
I wrote my own ending,
and I shut my own door
"Live your life to its fullest"
that's what they all said,
But what's the point in trying
when you're already dead?
:iconsexisob:sexiSOB 3 3



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